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Warm and Gracious

I have been a patient of Dr. Ganly’s for many years. In addition to having an exceptionally warm and gracious attitude towards his patients, he also has great respect for them as well. Dr. Ganly structures his practice in such a way that you are seen almost immediately when you arrive for your scheduled appointment. In all the years I have been seeing Dr. Ganly, I may have had to wait 10 minutes once to be seen. This is exceptional given the lack of respect many doctors seem to have for the time of their patients.
Dr. Ganly is also an extremely competent and thorough practitioner. On two occasions he diagnosed a retinal detachment in one eye (which required emergency surgery), and a retinal tear on the other, both of which were completely asymptomatic but would have resulted in a complete loss of vision if they had not been diagnosed in time.
It will be immediately obvious on your first visit that Dr. Ganly compassionately has his patients’ best individual needs first and foremost in every aspect of his practice.

- Rob S. Vinewoods Forge