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Our Comprehensive Eye Exams

Complete Eye Exams in Kennett Square

Why a Routine Eye Exam Is an Important Part of Maintaining Healthy Vision

man and child wearing sunglasses in kennett squareWhen women and men envision their health and wellbeing, they frequently do not take into consideration the health of their eyes. Ultimately the eyes are counted on more intensively than almost any other part of the body. Because this is true, it is really critical that you take care of the well-being of your eyes in order to be able to depend on them to get you through the day.

At this time there are loads of ways to approach guarding your eyesight, but the one most critical thing you have to do is book a comprehensive eye exam. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your age is, a complete eye examination will go a long way in the direction of assuring that your sight continues to be clear and strong. If you have not been to the eye doctor in over a year, make an appointment for an eye checkup as soon as possible.

What Tests Does the Eye Doctor do?

So, let’s look at several of the issues that your optometrist in Kennett Square evaluates in the course of your checkup, and what your optometrist will do to fix the issue. Some of the first things that an optometrist will check for during your eye exam is refractive error. Refractive error refers to an inaccuracy in the way that the eye focuses light. The end consequence of a refractive error is a drop in visual acuity (i.e. acuteness or clarity of vision). In the event of mild refractive error, patients sometimes decide to leave the situation uncorrected. However, if the condition infringes on the patient’s ability to accomplish their every day activities, then action needs to be taken. During your eye exam, the eye doctor will detect the problem and outline the options for you. Usually, refractive error will be managed be wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses. In more serious instances, the patient will choose to have refractive surgery. This can all be explained further by your eye doctor at Ganly Vision Care during the course of your eye exam.

Eye Doctors Check for Eye Disease

One other thing to think about is the reality that the eye can be at risk to various problems, similar to other parts of the human body. Many people have heard of the most frequent diseases of the eye, like glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. Because these problems usually display no symptoms in their early stages, it is crucial that you take an active plan of action to avoid these disorders. This may only be carried out by going to a scheduled visit to have your eye examination. Your eye doctor in Kennett Square will have the opportunity to look for diseases like glaucoma to ensure that you can take the steps needed to eliminate the disease before it gets more severe. Even though these disorders are more typically found in aging individuals, it is important to note that there is still a chance for eye disease to develop at an earlier age.

There are numerous other conditions that your optometrist will be checking for during the course of your eye exam. As an illustration, the eye condition called Amblyopia, or lazy eye, is exemplified by its unsatisfactory sight in an eye that would be in different circumstances considered to be normal. Created by a weak stimulation of vision by the optic nerve to the brain, this issue might be exacerbated if it is not taken care of quickly by an eye doctor. Your eye doctor will also check for Strabismus, an additional eye problem where the eyes do not correctly coordinate. This condition hinders the patient’s ability to execute depth perception, and therefore should be diagnosed by an eye doctor right away.

To conclude, it is crucial to contrast a simple vision screening and a comprehensive eye exam. Lots of people assume that by having a nurse or primary care physician conduct a vision screening they are accomplishing an effective standard of eye care. What they do not grasp, however, is that the vision screening may only consist of reading letters off a chart. After factoring in the different other assessments and tests that have been examined above, everyone will understand that the vision screening does not diagnose the other assorted conditions and health problems that you may develop. Therefore, by getting a comprehensive eye examination undertaken on a consistent schedule, you can make sure that your eyes continue to be cared for.

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The exam also includes tests for:

  • Eye Health Examinations
  • Diabetic eye exams and treatment
  • Contact Lens Evaluations and Fittings
  • Glaucoma Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Visual Field Examinations

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