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Canon RK-F1 Auto Refract Keratometer

auto refractor

An autorefractor is a computer-controlled machine used during an an eye exam to provide an objective measurement of a person’s glasses or contact lens presciption. This is achieved by measuring how light is changed as it enters a person’s eye. Within seconds, an approximate measurement of a person’s Rx can be determined and this enhances the exam by both saving time and being more accurate.

Autorefractor Q&A With Ganly Vision Care

Q: Please describe what the Autorefractor is used for and give a basic sense of how it works.

An autorefractor is a computer-controlled instrument, used during an eye exam, to provide an objective measurement of a patient’s refraction. The patient simply places his or her chin on a chin rest and views a relaxing picture. With a simple push of a button by a technician, the instrument sends known invisible wavelengths in to a person’s eyes and the machine analyzes the data. Within a few seconds, multiple Rx readings are given that are amazingly accurate. The instrument also has the ability to determine corneal curvature which is useful for contact lens fittings.

Q: Isn’t a phoropter used to measure refractive error and determine a person’s prescription, why is an autorefractor necessary?

Although technically this device is not needed to determine a patient’s prescription, it has the ability to help make the Rx more accurate as well as save time for both the doctor and the patient.

Q: Beyond helping in determination of prescription, can an autorefractor help discover eye diseases and disorders?

In some instances, error messages that the unit provides can give the doctor clues that ocular pathology may exist. Cataracts, corneal clouding/opacities and keratoconus are just some of the diseases that we see in our office that are helped being diagnosed with the use of an autorefractor

Q: What is it about this particular technology that you find most exciting; the component that made you feel you need to invest in this for your practice?

The fact that it saves time is a big plus for any practice, but what sold us was how it can really help provide a more accurate prescription, especially for younger kids, or patient’s that are unable to communicate such as stroke victims or patients that don’t speak English.

Q: Can you describe the patient experience when using the autorefractor?

Very simply, it is a big wow! They love it that they don’t have to spend as much time going thru the dreaded “which is better, one or two?” part of the exam, which can be very intimidating for many patients.

Q: Do the patients that walk through your doors day in and day out, appreciate the upgrade in technology?

Most certainly. Who doesn’t like newer technology?

Q: To what patients do you recommend using the autorefractor, or is it a part of every eye exam?

The exam is so fast, simple and easy to do that we utilize it on every single exam.


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