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Optomap Ultra-widefield Retinal Imaging

We are pleased to inform you that during your next visit to our office you will experience the benefits of the latest technology in eye care – the optomap®. The optomap is a tool that assists us in the evaluation of your retina. With the optomap we can discover any abnormalities or confirm the health of your retina, diagnose any potentially harmful diseases, and if necessary, determine the best course of action.

 MG 8068 Daytona device bearb 121023 HiResThe test is simple, non-invasive and quick.  In less than a second we can generate a high-resolution, digital, color image of your retina. This image becomes a part of your permanent medical record and enables us to see more of your retina, measure aspects of your eye, and magnify some of the finer details. We can also track changes in your eye over time by comparing each year’s image.

Optomap contributes to our standard of care and improves patient education and satisfaction. In fact, studies have shown that this test can find 30% more pathology versus standard dilation alone.

We are dedicated to offering our patients the best eye care possible and we look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!

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Our office has just acquired a new piece of equipment called an Optomap.  In less than a ¼ of a second this device captures a 200-degree ultra-wide image of the back of your eye that can be magnified to inspect the smallest of details.  Although this does not always take the place of getting your eyes dilated, many times dilation is not necessary, which the patients really appreciate.  Dr. Ganly also commented, “Our entire office is so excited to have this new tool and we have already picked up on pathology that was not noticed in the past.  Even more exciting is seeing the reactions of our patients when they see the thoroughness that this new technology provides.”   Please feel free to give our office a call if you haven’t had your eyes dilated in a long time and are interested in having a scan.

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