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Winter Dry Eye Syndrome… No Need to Suffer

While you may think of winter as the rainy time of year due to the rain and snow, the atmosphere is actually a lot dryer in the colder months, causing your eyes to become more sensitive.

Our optometry staff is available to assist you in selecting the best ways to keep your eyes moisturized this winter. While you are indoors you should help your eyes by using a humidifier. Eye doctors advocate the use of humidifiers in rooms with forced air heating, which can take away moisture from the air.

Additionally, make sure to take extra protective measures once you're going outside and will be exposed to the frigid air. Keep your eyes protected by dressing with a brimmed hat and wearing sunglasses. Always try your best to shield your eyes from the harsh winds to stop them from drying out your eyes.

One more simple tip for keeping your eyes moist this dry season, is using high quality eye cream. Our vision center can suggest a good eye cream that will help you keep the ocular area protected.

Remember that if you use contacts you need to be especially careful in the winter. If possible, make use of rewetting drops often. While you may not recognize it, lenses are dependent on moisture and must remain hydrated to maintain their shape. Once they loose moisture, the lenses can change shape and cling to the eyeball, causing pain and cloudiness. So do your eyes a favor and keep them lubricated this winter. With a little knowledge and planning, you can stay clear of the hazards of the harsh elements and keep your eyes clear and moisturized the whole season!


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