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What To Tell Our Eye Doctor

How can you make your next eye exam even more productive? There are a few things you should tell our eye doctors so that we can make sure your vision is analyzed accurately and thoroughly.

It is important to keep us updated on any current health problems you are experiencing because eyes are often vulnerable to changes in your body. To give an idea, this includes allergies, pregnancy, high blood pressure, diabetes or any other serious illness.

The more we know about your lifestyle, the better. For example, do you drink or smoke? Additionally, we'll examine what you're actually using your eyes for. Do you work in a factory, or do you work in an office? Being informed of this information will help us to choose your treatment plan.

Because a number of eye conditions can be passed down to you from your parents, it's important that you tell us if any of your immediate relatives have any of them, especially glaucoma or macular degeneration. Having an understanding of the eye diseases you may be susceptible to will help us to keep an eye out for and monitor any developing signs or symptoms.

Let us know if you are aware of any changes to your eyes and vision including blurriness, fatigue, flashes of light, spots and double vision. With the information we have about your history, coupled with our expertise, we'll figure out what's behind the symptom, and then recommend the best possible way to treat it. It's also helpful if you take your most recent glasses along to your appointment. Glasses provide important information, even if you wear contact lenses. We look forward to seeing you, and helping you attain good vision.


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