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Are You Caring for Your Contacts Safely?


Contact lenses require proper treatment and care to be considered a safe and sensible choice for those needing corrective eye wear. Improper care can lead to ripped or torn lenses, or even worse, eye infections or scratches, which occasionally results in vision loss. Any individuals that are not capable of properly taking care of their contacts probably want to opt for an alternate form of corrective eye wear.

Not to worry, though... taking care of your contacts is easier than ever. With one-bottle treatments and disposable contacts, tending to your lenses is cheaper, requires less time and involves less effort than before. However, there are some essential instructions to be aware of.

First of all it's always best to speak to your eye doctor to receive individualized recommendations. In addition, make sure you don't change care regimens without consulting with your optician first. Certain solutions can react with each other or with specific lenses and can damage your eyes. Our experienced staff can help you decide on the correct care for your lenses.

All contact lens experts recommend cleaning and disinfecting your contacts daily. Always wash your hands prior to handling your contact lenses. This can be among the most direct places for dirt and germs to reach your body. Further, avoid the common mistake of using saline solution for cleaning or disinfecting your contacts. This is only suitable for rinsing and storing soft lenses. You should also be sure to clean your lens case with multi-purpose solution frequently and to let it air out between uses. Experts recommend that you replace your case at least every few months.

It's true that there may be an assortment of products out there, but with a little professional guidance you can care for your lenses with ease, guaranteeing healthier eyes and clearer vision!


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