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At Ganly Vision Care, Dr. Ken Ganly and staff take pride in building lasting relationships with our patients. Our convenient Kennett Square, PA office specializes in emergency eye care, red eye, ocular emergencies, eye infections, foreign body removal, & corneal abrasions. From the moment you step into our office for your eye exam, you will find a clean, comfortable environment with a professional and friendly staff that will ensure that your visit is valuable and pleasant. Our team of highly trained and dedicated optometrists and staff are up to date on the latest technologies to ensure the best experience possible for you and your family.

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Carol Anne Luchanko-Ganly, O.D.

Born and raised in Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Dr. Luchanko-Ganly earned both her undergraduate and Optometry degrees in 1993 from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. Upon completion of her education there, she successfully completed a one-year post-graduate residency program at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry in Philadelphia. Dr. Luchanko-Ganly...

Ken E. Ganly, O.D.

Raised in Sparta, N.J., Dr. Ganly graduated cum laude with a BA in Biology from West Virginia University in 1989. He then received both a BS degree in Visual Sciences and his Doctor of Optometry from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry in 1993. Up until July of 2009, Dr. Ganly...

Q & A on Ocular Supplements

Dr. Ganly Answers Eyewear Questions

Do I Need To Take Ocular Supplements?

To be as complete as possible, the answer to this question could take pages. But the short answer is a resounding YES!

More specifically, there are three pigments in our macula (lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin). These important pigments absorb high energy short-wavelengths and act as our body’s anti-oxidants to prevent retinal damage and blindness from macular degeneration. Since our body does not make these pigments on their own, we need to absorb them from our diet and this can be very challenging to do. These pigments also can be easily measured and it is not uncommon to find patients who are deficient, which puts them at risk .

The evidence is very clear that patients who have higher levels of these carotenoids have many, many benefits. Besides reducing your risk for blindness from macular degeneration, the studies have also shown us that they improve visual function in many other ways as well. These studies have proven that taking the supplements can reduce glare, reduce dark adaption time (the time it takes to see clearly when going from a bright environment to a dark one), improve contrast and improve reaction time. These benefits have therefore been shown to improve sports vision. Finally, maybe one of the most important findings is that they have been proven to increase cognitive ability as well as reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

For these reasons, I recommend that ALL patients take a good quality supplement that includes the three carotenoids listed above for all of these benefits.

Kennett Square Eyewear

With an office in Kennett Square, PA, Ganly Vision Care serves Kennett Square, West Chester, & Chadds Ford – schedule an appointment today. If you have a moment, please give us your feedback about our site and your experiences.

The MacuHealth once a day soft gel has been clinically proven to enhance vision (improve contrast sensitivity, glare reduction and color contrast) as well as providing protection against the development of age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. In studies were athletes take these vitamins, their visual performance has been measured to improve. Believe it or not, studies also show that they can also improve cognitive function and help protect against Alzheimer’s disease and skin cancer. View the video here for more information.

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The MacuHealth once a day soft gel has been clinically proven to enhance vision and help in the prevention of age-related macular degeneration.

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EyePromise Nutrition

Dr. Ganly recommends EyePromise® eye vitamins to patients to fight vision loss, combat dry eye, and preserve healthy vision.

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Optomap Ultra-widefield Retinal Imaging

Optos is once again expanding the boundaries of ultra-widefield imaging. Our newest device offers multiple wavelength imaging, including options for color, red-free, fluorescein & indocyanine green angiography and autofluorescence.

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In our practice certain brands have proven to be standout winners with both our customers and our staff and we’d like to share them with you.

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We are now accepting several new insurances. Check out our insurance page to see more...

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Sjogren’s Awareness Month – Understanding The Invisible Disease 

In honor of Sjogren’s Awareness month, eye care providers are helping to spread the word...

April is Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month

Hey women! Did you know that women are more likely to suffer from vision problems...

Why do I Need Regular Eye Exam?

clipart 027While most people schedule regular check-ups with doctors and dentists, many are not aware of the importance of an annual visit to the eye doctor. Regular eye exams can be the key to the early detection and treatment of emerging vision problems, eye diseases, and a number of other health issues. When you come to a Kennett Square, PA optometrist for an eye exam, you will receive comprehensive service designed to find and correct any vision or eye issue. Don’t take good vision for granted, schedule an appointment today!

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libertyRemember, not all eyewear is protective eyewear. Sunglasses block light, but not elbows and objects! Our office uses and recommends protective eyewear from Liberty Sport, a leader in protective and sports glasses. All of their frames and lenses are specifically designed to meet or exceed the strictest standards and they can handle any prescription.


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